How to Begin…


So this is it, the first blog post. I found myself wondering where to start, so naturally I looked to the internet. Not that I looked very far, at times I do find myself easily distracted, but I did look.

Then I looked some more to see if there was something a bit more what I was looking for. There are so many rules in these guides! Who would have thought writing a blog post would have so many rules? And then additional rules for the very first blog post! Not just that, but there are rules for preparation for even setting up a blog, they ask if you’re sure it’s the right move for you, do you really have the time?

Granted I may be exaggerating slightly here, they were guidelines rather than rules after all, and they did seem to be aimed towards blogging as a career. Which wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t say I’m quite at that level just yet…

Basically I think I overwhelmed myself with information, conflicting information at that. Some recommended a systematic approach, pre-planning your posts in detail, fine tuning what you want to say with your trusty pen and paper for at least an hour, headings, sub headings, categories, topics, plenty of information, but not two wordy, paragraphs, but plenty of spacing for easy reading, and that’s before you go near any electronics, while others recommended an outpouring of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas and then maybe edit it a little at the end.

Anyway, I was overwhelmed. Headings and sub-headings? I thought it was just supposed to be an opening, a brief hello, maybe a bit about myself, maybe a bit about the purpose of the blog, maybe.

So I can give you a brief hello: hey, hi, hiya, ‘ello. I can tell you a bit about myself: I’m from the UK, I like books, I have recently developed a love-hate relationship with exercise, I have blue eyes, I’m hoping to do some more studying (did you know any studying done after 21 makes you a ‘mature student’) so I guess I’m hoping to do some mature studying…anything else you’d like to know feel free to ask :).

Now, the purpose of the blog, I guess primarily it’ll be about books. Occasionally that love-hate relationship with exercise might come up. I may even from time to time talk about my day. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

As for all the guidelines, I guess I went with outpouring. Or is it rambling? Oh dear…

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