Well Loved Tatty Book


Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

Kristin Cashore’s Seven Kingdom’s Trilogy is one I could read again and again. And again.

There’s so much to the series, the characters, the kingdoms, the worlds, the cultures, the abilities, the histories, even the animals.

Cashore’s descriptive style really brings the world to life, not to mention the characters. I’ve wept and rejoiced with them on numerous occasions, even knowing what’s going to happen.

I’ve picked Graceling as it’s first in the series. And so this is the one I’ve read the most (although Fire and Bitterblue have had their share of re-reads too).

I love my books, it’s a running joke in my circle of friends that I’m precious about my books. I like to encourage them to read, but I won’t lend them mine, I’d rather buy them their own…ever since that horrible incident involving a first edition Harry Potter and a swimming pool.

Basically I’m careful. Don’t break the spine, you can read the book without hyperflexing. Don’t turn up the pages, there’s a whole world of beautiful bookmarks out there, or you know one of those leaflets that was shoved through your door that you’ve inexplicably kept hold of. If you are borrowing a book from a friend, don’t read it while lying in a giant doughnut in a pool where the water reaches over your head, the day after you pushed your brother in fully clothed…but I digress…

As careful as I am with my books, wear and tear cannot be avoided with the most beloved of books. They’ll get dog eared from being pulled in and out of your bag on various bus/train/car journeys. Wrinkles from endless page turnings. The occasional coffee ring from when you’ve put it down and someone confused it with a coaster.

This is what has happened to my copy of Graceling. It is very much tatty loved.

I return to it probably once every six months. Having forgotten just enough of the vividness and the detail to fall in love with it all over again. I feel like I learn something new of the seven kingdom’s each time I read it. Some little detail that will open up the world just that little bit more, or give a little bit more insight into a character and the way they behave.

The characters are both wonderfully complex and straightforward at times. The world is beautiful, and there is so much to explore, so much to learn, and so many feelings to feel. You get to go on an adventure, be there as the characters learn and grow.

As I said I read it often so I’m sure I’ll post a review at some point.

My love of this book is all in the details.


Second Time Around


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